Day 369 in Beijing: Only YOU Can Stop Motorcycle Levitation Discrimination!


Stop segregating against motorcycle levitaters!

Stop segregating against motorcycle levitaters!

This sign is posted right by the canal near our apartment complex.

Obviously, it means people aren’t supposed to walk or ride motorcycles in this are.

However, everyone we’ve seen is either walking or riding motorcycles, so we obviously must not be comprehending the correct translation.

Therefore, on my own, I’ve decided that it actually must be a sign making sure people realize that they can not levitate over their motorcycles in this area.

I can understand, and respect that, because there are lots of wires, tree limbs, and other things hanging down that could cause a major injury to someone that decided to levitate over their motorcycle.

That being stated, isn’t it a little rude to only punish people that can levitate over motorcycles and not people who levitate over cars or trucks?

Or what about people that levitate over bikes?

Honestly, I find this injustice to be absurd and hope someone does something about it immediately!

Levitaters unite!

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