Day 379 in Beijing: Ostrich Egg. It’s What’s For Dinner.


A great night with food, friends and frivolity.

A great night with food, friends and frivolity.

Yep, I’m a vegetarian and I was offered the chance to eat ostrich egg.

I have to admit, it was a conundrum.

I don’t want to eat meat, seafood or any type of egg because I find it to be immoral, environmentally damaging, and just not sustainable to the world.  I also feel better when I stick to be a vegetarian physically.  However, we do eat bread and pasta and they have egg in them.

Honestly, I really don’t enjoy thinking of the pain I’m causing animals when they are killed for my pleasure.

The slaughterhouses in the USA are pretty horrible and quite unsanitary.  I can’t imagine what the ones in China are like after shopping that grocery stores with raw meat, fish and other foods, sitting out in the hot sun.

Honestly, it is enough to make just about anyone go vegetarian if you pay enough attention here.

That being said, when Jill and I were offered to try some of an hard-boiled egg, we chose to eat it.

In reality, I’m not a vegetarian but I’m a self-labeled “hypocritarian” because I do give in to my desires and sometimes ignore what I morally believe.  Call it cognitive dissonance and be done with it.  Life is too short to stick to labels.

Personally, I thought it tasted quite yummy.  It was definitely “eggy” and also had some flavor like venison.

Jill, on the other hand, didn’t care for it.

The weird thing is the albumen was very much like a rubbery jello substance.  It wasn’t hard like chicken eggs or white.

Our friends, Francois and Dorota, told us they bought two of the eggs for 80RMB total.  That means two massive Ostrich eggs came out to about 14 USD total.

7 bucks for each ostrich egg.  Amazing.

As you can see, it takes some serious strength and skill to cut one open.  And a hacksaw.

Luckily, both Dorota and Francois are doctors at the same international medical services company where I work and know what they are doing.

The video is a bit long but worth watching.  It gives a good idea of how much work it takes to cut open an egg of this size.


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