Day 380 in Beijing: UnControlled Top Pantyhoses.


A close up of the uncontrolled top pantyhose.

A close up of the uncontrolled top pantyhose.

China has some of the strangest fashions I’ve seen in a long time.

Women seem to love lots of frilly blouses with lots of puffy lace on them.

It is almost like a bunch of pirates invaded China and told them that this is the newest fashion elsewhere in the world.

Another bad fashion statement that is all the rage here are the high waisted denim shorts.

Trust me, if you want to look like your body has no body, or shape, these are the way to go.

Jill and I find the flat board body look to be very unappealing and quite strange.

I guess this is also happening back in the USA but I left before it started and hope that it is over before I return.


However, the strangest fashion statement that we’ve noticed is the control top pantyhoses that are worn, SPECIFICALLY, to show that they are control top pantyhose.

We can’t seem to figure out why, but women here seem to think it is fashionable to wear them outside of shorts, or with skirts so short they aren’t covered, and don’t seem to realize that the whole point of control top pantyhose is that they can be hidden beneath the clothes you wear and no one will realize that.

We were walking by the Liangma canal and noticed this couple and I decided to take a few pictures just to give everyone an example of what I’m writing about here.

Please update me and educate me if you have any idea why this would be fashionable.


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