Day 393 in Beijing: Salsa Dancing in Beijing.


Isaac, Jill and me.

Isaac, Jill and me.

Who would have guessed that Cuban style salsa dancing would be imported into Beijing?

Well, it has.

My buddy, Isaac, is an amazing salsa dancer.  He, and his wonderful wife, Mary, loved dance and love life.

They are exactly the kind of people that are part of the Cuban salsa community back home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Isaac had introduce me to David Huo, who is from Beijing, and quite famous for being the “Chinese Cuban Salsa Champion” around the world.

David was generous enough to introduce me to his crew and I’ve gone dancing numerous times here.

Isaac was in town visiting his brother, Jonathan, who is a famous actor in China.

Well, we decided to go dancing and have some fun in Beijing.

Isaac was, without a doubt, the guest of honor as he is well known for being an amazing dancer and everyone wanted to dance with him.

The band consists of only Chinese Nationals and 3 of them have actually studied in Cuba to learn how to play better and understand the music.

All I can say is it was wonderful to see a bit of “the bay” here in Beijing and to be able to catch up with my dear friend after over a year.


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Here is a video of David Huo dancing in Cuba from a few years ago.

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