Day 392 in Beijing: Workers And Their Rides.


Sittin' and waitin'.

Sittin’ and waitin’.

There is a new hotel or apartment complex being built a few blocks from our apartment.

We walk by it when we go for our daily walks by the Liangma canal.

It is going to be huge and will have a great view of the canal.

The most interesting thing to us, though, is not the building that is being built but the people building it.

They work long days and then wait by the side of the road for their buses to pick them up.

We are guessing they are all living together, crammed into small apartments, and saving money to go back to their hometowns after finishing this project.

It seems like many of the Chinese we meet here are working for a few years in Beijing, living simply and saving money, and then going back to where they are from and where their families still reside.

Beijing seems to be a pretty tough place for many people to afford and they like the quiet and calmness of their smaller towns back home.

The workers on the bus go 'round and 'round.  'round and 'round.

The workers on the bus go ’round and ’round. ’round and ’round.

There are usually about 200-300 men sitting here.  There are also 4-5 women sitting most days.

They all seem in very good moods and quiet happy.

They smile a lot and they laugh a lot.

It is nice to walk by, say hi, and continue on our way as they get ready to continue on theirs.

Our two very different paths meeting and then diverging.

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