Day 406 in Beijing: Bird’s Nest Redux.


The full moon hovering over the Bird's Nest.

The full moon hovering over the Bird’s Nest.

Jill and I wanted to capture a bit more of the feeling around the Bird’s Nest so we took a little video.

As you can see, and hear, it is never empty or quiet.

This was at about 9 pm, on a weekday, and there were still loads of people around the area.

There is also the Water Cube, where the Olympic events that involved swimming, diving, water polo, and other sports was located and it has now turned into a touristy swimming area with a water slides and other fun things to do.

It is very bright and quiet well lit.

The building behind it is the Dragon IBM building and it has 5 other buildings that “connect” to it so it looks like a huge dragon that goes on for about half a mile.

We are hoping to go back on a more beautiful night, with less pollution, to get some more shots and videos.


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