Day 407 in Beijing: Goodbye Gulzar!


Gulzar, Jill and me just before ordering dinner.

Gulzar, Jill and me just before ordering dinner.

Gulzar was our roommate for the past year and we recently bid her farewell.

It was a sad moment, as well as a joyous moment, for all of us.

She moved here to go to get her M.B.A. from Eseune Business School, which is a bsuiness school, based in Spain, which also operates here in Beijing.

My dear friend Nuria introduce us to Gulzar and she has been our roommate for the whole school year.

She is the kindest, gentlest, and sweetest person we’ve met in China so far.

We have sort of adopted her as our “daughter” here in Beijing and feel very close to her.

Gulzar is from Xinjiang, in the very far West of China, and is Muslim.

That means, because of the way the Beijing government is run, she can’t actually go to a Chinese school here in Beijing because she can’t get a hukou.

The hukou basically allows you to register in the city you are living in and get medical help, entrance into schools and other things that most of us take for granted.

So, if Eseune hadn’t let Gulzar in, she wouldn’t have been able to go to graduate school in Beijing or other parts of China outside of Xinjiang.

It is also Ramadan right now so we made sure to wait until the sun had set to start eating and we took her to a Halal Palestinian restaurant just a few blocks from our apartment.

The food is very similar to Turkish food, and we all love Turkish food, so it was a very nice way to say goodbye and congratulate her on her graduation with an M.B.A.

We also were able to congratulate her on her engagement to Nadir, who we’ve met, and hope that they have an amazing wedding and a very happy marriage.

We are incredibly sad to see our “daughter” leave us but, as parents, we knew this day would come and we are proud of everything she has accomplished, how much fun and joy we’ve had together, and know that we will see her someday, in the future, and will celebrate again!

By the way, the shirt that I’m wearing was a birthday gift from Gulzar to me.  It is a classic Uighur style shirt and I love wearing it.

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