Day 413 in Beijing: Installing the Air Conditioning Unit, Part 2


Hanging out the window of a 5th floor apartment.

Hanging out the window of a 5th floor apartment.

Now the fun begins.

So, here is the guy hanging out the window, only by his own skill, and the strength of his buddy holding him out the window.

As you can see, his buddy didn’t seem very concerned until our landlord started scratching her head and mentioning, “Oh, by the way, he could die if he fell from the 5th floor of this apartment.”

And, if you notice, his buddy takes his time walking over to grab his ankles and make sure he is safe.

I’m guessing these guys know exactly what they are doing, and have done this thousands of times, but I’d still want someone grabbing my ankles in case I slipped or a strong gust of wind came up.

Honestly, my favorite part of this video is our landlord scratching her head and the utter disbelief she has in her voice.

We felt the same as she did and were glad she told the buddy to help out and not let the installer die.


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