Day 414 in Beijing: Installing the Air Conditioning Unit, Part 3


Hanging from the 5th Floor.

Hanging from the 5th Floor.

After they removed the broken air conditioning unit, they moved on to installing the new one.

This is where it really got interesting.

The installer guy put on some climbing gear.

Well, I guess it is climbing gear.

I know there is a huge mountain, called Huashan, here in China, where people put on climbing gear and climb up and down it, and it is supposed to be safe.

Now, I’m just saying that after what I’ve seen is “supposed to be safe” here in China, I’m not doing anything that brings up any doubt in my mind whether it is safe or not.

And, doing this type of installation, or climbing Huashan, is not going to happen in my lifetime.

Called me a nervous nellie, a wimp, or a chicken, but I don’t care.

I’ll stay alive and you can enjoy doing things like this.

I’ll see you on the beach, drinking some nice chilled wine, and relaxing after your long day of stressing your mind, body and central nervous system.

Well, they put the air conditioning unit on the little ledge and the installer hopped out and started to bolt everything down.

Jill and I continued to be amazed and intrigued by all of this action and insanity.

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