Day 429 In Beijing: Asia, Part 2.


The not-so-great wall of China.

The not-so-great wall of China.

The Great Wall of China…well, not so great, since it was pretty small.

By the way, there is a myth that you can see the great wall from space.

This is actually not true.

It is only 30 feet wide, at its widest point, so you can’t see it from space.

In fact, one of my favorite video bloggers, CPG GREY, has a wonderful video explaining why this is not true.

I have to admit, I’ve become addicted to his videos and Jill and I immediately watch a new one when it comes out.

They are always packed full of humor, and facts, and entertaining while be educating.

I’d suggest subscribing to his YouTube page and sharing the joy.

We then walked over to the Taj Mahal, which is another sight we want to see at some point in our lives.

However, we don’t plan on going to India until we are a few years removed from China as we’ve heard that it is even more chaotic than China and we will need some serious downtime and calmness before we venture into India as we want to be grounded and really be present and mindful in such a magical and life changing place.

The Taj Mahal.  Also, one of my favorite musicians.

The Taj Mahal. Also, one of my favorite musicians.

My aunt and uncle, and my cousins, have all spent many years in India, and have told us about the wonders and the incredibly powerful experiences they have had there and we look forward to seeing them in the near future.

Again, the world has so many places to visit and so little time.

We are fully trying  to make time and take advantage of our ability to live without an office and without a country.

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