Day 430 In Beijing: Asia, Part 3.


Angkor Wat is rather amazing, even in 1:25 scale.

Angkor Wat is rather amazing, even in 1:25 scale.

Off to Angkor Wat.

This is truly a magnificent replication of the temple.

This is also some place that is on our bucket list that we want to see and we want to see this before we return to the USA.

Strangely enough, writing this blog post on Asia has shown me how little of Asia we have seen, even though we’ve been here for over a year.

We’ve been to Malaysia and Singapore, twice, Mongolia, Shanghai and Beijing but we haven’t really seen much of Asia.

Between work, visa and life popping up, it has made it difficult to hop over to these other places even though they are quite close.

In regards to the visa: My visa is a business visa so I’m free to do anything  I want.  Up until recently, Jill had a 1 year tourist visa.  This visa required her to leave the country every 90 days.  As you can guess, this became quite expensive and made it difficult to set up plans to visit the countries we wanted to go to because we weren’t able to save up the money needed to truly do the trips we wanted.

We’ve seen a lot but want to see a lot more.

We both consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have seen what we have seen and been where we have been but just realize there is so much more to see and do!

We also stopped by Ishtar’s Gate on the way to the Grand Palace of Thailand.

It was quite gorgeous and there was a family playing around in front of it.

I did my best to capture them as many families seemed to truly enjoy this park and probably learned a lot about the outside world.

Our hope is that the information is checked, and questioned, by the families that visit and they find out that there is some good points, and some bad points, and that they decide to explore the world themselves and not just take the park as truth.

I guess it would sort of like an American citizen going to Disneyland and expecting the rest of the world to look like that.

I have high hopes for this park, as it looks like they are building more parts of it, and hopefully they are renovating what they have already built, as it was definitely a fun, and worthwhile, trip and I’d suggest anyone give it a try and spend some time here when they visit Beijing!


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