Day 496 In Beijing: Trip To Prince Islands: Horse and Carriage Ride.


A horse wandering down the street.

A horse wandering down the street.


Jill and I couldn’t wait to hop on a horse drawn carriage and cruise around Buyukada.

We had arrived on Sunday morning, and would be leaving on Monday afternoon, so the weekend crowds were gone and it was very quiet.

There were lots of horses, carriages, and drivers, just hanging around and talking to each other as we walked up.

The prices are printed on a poster near the entryway and we decided to do a 1.5 hour ride to see most of the island and get away from the town.

We loved being driven around this gorgeous island with almost no one else around us.

Except, of course, the other carriages and horses, especially the single one walking around by itself as we climbed the first massive hill to the top of Buyukada.

We also went by an area with a bunch of massive barns for the horses but the picture didn’t turn out that well so I didn’t post it.

Just have to go back and take another one soon!



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