Day 497 In Beijing: Trip To Prince Islands: Horse and Carriage Videos.


The view from our carriage of the Sea of Marmara.

The view from our carriage of the Sea of Marmara.


Jill and I love taking pictures, but as the kids today say, videos are more interesting and alive.

Therefore, we decided to take a few videos of our horse and carriage ride to give everyone a more fully interactive experience.

The roads are very smoothly paved and there weren’t very many potholes which is another benefit of not having cars on the island.

There were a few other horses out and about and we were able to actually have a bit of a race with another carriage driver and it was fun.

The horses can really get moving, when they want to, and it is pretty exciting to be racing along with the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the clippity clappity of the horses’ hooves hitting the pavement.

Some of the other roads we went on were paved with cobblestones so that was a bit more bumpy but the sound of the hooves hitting cobblestones took us back to another time when this was the only transportation around.

It was truly wonderful to just allow ourselves to disappear into a peaceful little world for a day or so.



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