Day 515 In Beijing: Blue Tour in Cappadocia. The Holy Cross Church.


The view from inside the church.

The view from inside the church.


One of the truly amazing things about Cappadocia, and humanity, is the will to survive and prosper no matter what is thrown at them.

I think of Victor Frankl, who lived through the holocaust, realized that humanity is based in kindness and hope, and wrote a book named Man’s Search For Meaning and became a psychologist.

He saw the worst of humanity and made something positive out of it.

I think of how I work as a psychotherapist and hope I do the same for my clients.

I know I’ve never experienced anything that comes within 1% of the horror that Frankl did but I hope to learn from him and help my clients do the same.

I actually recommend his book to my clients as a way to look at what seems to be a negative experience and then use it to find a way to better themselves and change their way of life to change or accept the circumstances and their emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

This is a tiny little church, named the Holy Cross Church, and it was amazing to think of what the inhabitants of this little town would have felt when they were praying.

This is not an easy place to survive and I have to imagine they had many doubts and questions but their faith probably helped to keep them alive in the worst of times.

I’ve never been much of a believer in anything but I’m guessing, as humanity tries to survive in places like this, faith makes a difference and eases so much worry and fear.

The pits in the ground also were used for wine and for fires.

If you notice, there is soot all around the ceiling of these rooms.

I appreciate that wine, light, and a gathering of people made their lives just a little bit easier.



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