Day 524 In Beijing: Blue Tour In Cappadocia, Rug Co-op Videos.


RugsAfter our guide led Jill and me down the Hall of Rugs, he took us to a massive private room.

We knew what this was about as Jill had gone on these before and warned me: this is the sales pitch.

They show you lots of rugs, many more than you can even imagine, and try to tempt you into buying one.

The Turks are very good at bargaining and pressuring people to buy, in a nice way, but since we lived in China, where bargaining and pressure tactics are at a graduate level, we weren’t worried about saying no and walking out without buying anything.

Jill and I plan to keep traveling the world for the next 10 years and so that tends to make it impossible for us to buy things since we won’t really have a set place to store then nor do we really want material things to weigh us down.

I’m actually writing an ebook on minimizing and how to be more efficient at this moment and it is really coming along nicely.

We were then able to just enjoy the show and be caught up in the full attention the salesman, and his attendants, gave to us.

As well as the Turkish coffee, and apple tea, that they gave us.

That was utterly delicious!

Take your time watching the videos and enjoy the skill, and style, that these men use as they showed us at least 50 different rugs, from different materials, and different areas of Turkey, and different sizes and shapes.

We sure did.


The man throwing the round rug was our guide for the Co-Op tour.


They let me walk around on the rugs as they were putting them away.



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