Day 525 In Beijing: Blue Tour In Cappadocia, Rug Throwing Video.


Getting ready to throw the rug.

Getting ready to throw the rug.

Jill and I kept the best video for last.

At least, in my mind, it is the best.

It shows how much the rug changes color depending on where the rug is seen by the viewer.

The rugs are weaved specifically to do this so the owner can basically have two different rugs at one time.

It is a heck of a deal, as some of these rugs were only a few hundred dollars, and if you think of the months of work that these women put into them, that isn’t very much money.

We just loved the colors, the brightness, and the wonderful designs on all these rugs.

We wish we could have bought some of them but since we are going as minimalist as possible, it didn’t make any sense.

So, we just have memories and that is enough.


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