Day 89 In Beijing: Energy Efficient Clothes Drying.

Resourceful.  Use a tree as a clothes rack!

Resourceful. Use a tree as a clothes rack!

I grew up in the little wine town of Healdsburg and we would use a clothes line to dry our clothes when we needed it.  It would be hot enough during the summers that they often dried in one day.

The weather is very similar to Beijing’s weather during the summer season.

The main difference is Beijing gets amazing thunderstorms while Sonoma County usually did not.

Living in Australia in 1990, and Japan in 1996, I would only dry my clothes by hanging them out on the balcony or on a drying rack inside the house when it was too cold outside.

After living so long in America, I forgot that most the world doesn’t use drying machines.

Moving to China has reminded me how wasteful and unnecessary drying machines are if I just plan ahead a day or so for what clothes I need.

I truly enjoy hanging clothes, taking them down and folding them.

Strangely enough, I also like ironing.

Go figure.


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