Day 90 in Beijing: Shopping for Clothes. At 7-11.

I’m a huge fan of 7-11.

Not the ones in America, but the ones here in China.

Same with the 7-11s in Japan when I lived there in 1996.

There is something about them here that seems like home,

even if I never went to them when I was home back in the U.S.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to one when I was there.

I just never had a good reason since I could get everything I needed elsewhere.

7-11 stores in China seem to have just about anything a person would need.

Not only do they have the basic food stuff that most people go to 7-11 for in the States,

but they have so much more.

Anything you need, 7-11 has it.

Anything you need, 7-11 has it.  It is almost like an five-and-dime store from the old days.

If you notice,

there are underpants,




dishwashing towels,

feminine products,


and, of course, the essential N95 mask that so many people here wear when they are sick or the pollution is bad.

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